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Professtion Online PPT Converter, Share Your Slides Everywhere

Choose PPT and convert them to html pages, with animations and interactive effects so as that you could share your slides to facebook, twitter, and any mobile app which support web page.

1) Test file will be removed within 24 hours.
2) Test file is limited to 10M.
3) Powerpoint file will be converted in presentation mode. If you want it to be shown as article, save it as .pdf file first.




Comparing to other converters, our result contains animations and effects. Users can get the same experiences when playing slides as doing that on PC. That is very useful when the slides contain contents which shall be shown step by step.

Also, we provide many javascript APIs for developers to access elements and effect parameters of each slide. Programmers can do much more work based on those interfaces. For example, you're able to do your slide player, going to next slide/animation or going back previous slide/animation on your need; record voice that match ppt playing time so as to make interactable courseware; synchronize playback on peer devices in order to make an e-learning/online meeting system, etc.


Contact Us



If you have any problem, please contact us at admin@pptlook.com. You will usually get a response in one business day for question about conversion. For other problems, it might be replied in 2 weeks.